What is a Damp Report?

A damp report is usually asked for because of a previous survey.  The report would be carried out because a valuer or building surveyor picked up on something a survey beforehand and they want further investigation.  This would be carried out by a damp specialist.  A damp report is usually  needed in order for a Surveyor to take notes.  A plan or drawing would be made of the property, alongside images during the survey.  This would then be written into a report about the condition of the property.

Based on the initial contract and surveyor you choose, your damp survey can vary in lengths and details, however, both are just as important and useful.

Damp Work

There are five main parts to conducting a Damp Report:

This will detail the problems that you are faced by and the stance of the surveyor.

The different instruments, equipment used and the methods they used to carry out the survey will be listed within the report.  

The results of the survey will be listed within the damp report.  This will include a detailed description justifying the surveyor’s findings.

The surveyor will advise the best way to rectify the problems identified during the survey.  This could include one or more solutions.   The surveyor will advise the best way to resolve the problem, this could include just one or various different solutions. This could include plans to upgrade your décor and interior.

If the survey company or surveyor offers any of the recommendations, they can also include or attach a quote along with the report.