What Causes Damp?

There are several causes of damp that can allow these conditions to get a foothold in your home, therefore understanding how damp can be caused is important. Identifying potential problems and having a damp surveyor deal with them, is important before they weaken the structure of your home.


If you live on a floodplain or by a body of water, then flooding is a big risk that can result in damp.

Damaged Walls

Weakening after some time can bring out brickwork, rendering, and mortar getting tobe permeable by enabling water entrace through the wall.  Cracked render or deteriorating motar, a bridge cavity wall or bridged damp proof course, missing damp proof course, blocked air-bricks, damaged or brokenpipework, along with faulty internal plumbing

Faulty Plumbing

Leaks within your house can also be a cause of damp to occur in your house.

Rain Penetration

Climate condition

Level of site

Defective orientation of the building

Drain ability of soil

Moisture entrapped during construction

Defective construction e.g. joints