How Much Does a Damp Survey Cost?

Damp surveys are nothing like chocolate that you can buy off the shelf. A lot depends on the size, location, situation, and the type of your property, the problems you are facing, and numerous other aspects. It should come with no surprise that the quotes vary. 

Sometimes, by well over £100 or more.

The cost of a damp survey mostly depends on the following factors

  • The age of the property
  • The size of the property
  • The problems you are facing
  • Types and levels of the survey(s) required
  • Equipment required
  • Time spent to complete the survey

You will be presented with the full-fledged menu card of damp surveys. 

But don’t let it get to you.

Most of the reputed surveyors offer specific and pre-designed packages. For example – quick damp survey for pre-purchasers, homebuyers, commercial projects, rental market, etc. It’s always the best choice to shop around a little. Research the survey company and make sure they’re the best fit.


Never let the cost alone be the basis of your judgement. A thorough and honest damp survey that costs a little higher can end up saving you £1000s in the end. So read the fine lines and choose the best. Always.


There are many unethical damp surveyors who offer surveys for as little as a few bucks. Or even for free. Their main source of income is the commission or cut when you buy into their solutions. No wonder they’ll fine enough damp within your property to encourage the purchase of an unnecessary solution.