How Long Does A Damp Survey Take?

Most of the surveys take no longer than 3-4 hours. However, based on numerous factors like – the size of your property, structure, damp problem, typedamage, degree of the damage, etc. – it can take well over a couple days.

We Survey your property until we find the real problem!

What you must understand is that – damp is rarely a problem in itself. Most often than not – it’s there because of another underlying cause – i.e., leakage, drainage system, pipes, ventilation, etc. You can’t really get rid of the damp unless and until you fix the source.

It starts with a simple interaction. We tend to ask questions about the problems you’re facing – as well as the history of the house. Then, our experts go on their own to find the source cause of moisture in your house..

The damp survey process involves numerous equipment and closer inspections of your property. When performing a damp survey within and around your premises – our surveyors aim to tackle four different goals at a time:


Confirm and measure the level and intensity of the damp.


Find the source of the damp and the reason behind it.


Recommend the best solutions for removal or resolution of the damp source.


Offer further suggestions to decor your interior and minimize the effects of moisture.